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Boling Ranch Estates
Architecture Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”) is established by the Boling Ranch Declarations and is a group separate and independent from the Homeowners Association with its own exclusive powers and authority. 
The purpose of the ACC is to serve as a “gate-keeping” function for maintaining a uniform or harmonious architectural style and attractive appearance of all improvements that are constructed on a Homeowner’s lot in Boling Ranch Estates.  The ACC is to use its best efforts to promote and ensure a high level of taste, design, quality, harmony, and conformity throughout Boling Ranch. The ACC is also to balance the equities between matters of taste and design (on the one hand) and use of private property (on the other hand).
Each homeowner agreed when they purchased their property in Boling Ranch to comply with the Boling Ranch Declarations.  See "Governing Documents".  The Declarations (sometimes called restrictions) is the document that talks about what is, and is not, allowed within the community. 
A Property Modification Request (PMR) is the form Homeowners complete and submit to the ACC that provides the information about their proposed project.  Ideally, a Homeowner would submit a PMR during the planning stages of a project to allow time for the ACC review.  The ACC may need to ask questions of the Homeowner and it is helpful to allow enough time for review.  The ACC reviews the information to determine whether the project complies with the Declarations. The review is done typically by email unless circumstances require something different.  This way the ACC can respond much more quickly to Homeowner Property Modification Requests (PMR) and often a response is provided in less than a week depending on the complexity of the project.  The Texas Property Code allows 30 days for review and response. 
Additional information may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.